"Cymbal FM", the best online music community.

"Cymbal FM", the best online music community.


This is not a secret, "WE LOVE SHARING THE MUSIC WE LIKE WITH OTHERS" and this is the reason of the post.

We meet and online community called "Cymbal FM", and this is one of the best for sharing music.

"Cymbal FM" is an application to share our musical tastes with many people around the world.

And how its works?
"Cymbal FM" works by registering from the application in Apple Store & Google Play Store, then you set up your profile and the magic comes by itself.

You can connect your Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud account to synchronize your music and share it with others.

It also has exclusive benefits of listening to the newest in the "trend" section, and follow verified artists and many more things.

This is one of our favorite tracks we have on "Cymbal FM":

Follow our "Cymbal FM" profile and check our latest released and favorites songs here: https://cymbal.fm/DCRshttps://cymbal.fm/DCRs

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